Aurō‏ is a collection of delicate gold jewellery which draws inspiration from beaches in every corner of the globe. Jewellery is designed with the idea of beach lifestyles in mind, filled with surf, yoga, and sunshine. 

The initial stacking range was born from the desire for simple rings that can be worn every day and won't tarnish or come off, hence the bespoke nature of the rings to ensure you get the exact size for you to save them from slipping off fingers and getting lost in the sand or the sea.

Due to the initial success of this the collection has now expanded to other styles including bangles, earrings,  necklaces and ear cuffs, all designed to withstand life in the sun, sand and sea as well as in the city for those of us for whom the beach is not always in reach!

We love to hear from you so please email me on with any thoughts, comments or pictures